Your first CLI tool with Rust

In the wonderful world of programming, you may have heard about this new shiny language called Rust. It is an open-source systems programming language that focuses on speed, memory safety, and parallelism. It allows you to do low-level programming à la C/C++.

You might have heard about it in the context of Web Assembly. Rust is capable to compile WASM applications, you can find a wide variety of use cases on the Web Assembly FAQ. It is also known as the basis of servo, a high-performance browser engine, implemented in Firefox.

Saving your back in git

Here is a usefull collection of git commands that I keep coming back to, it saved me countless times when I was in tricky situations. I have finally decided to compile them here, I hope it can help you too!

Deploy Slate to Heroku

Documentaton is a big part of a project, more critical if you need to hand off the details of your API to multiple third parties that will interact with it. Here you will lean how to deploy Slate, the API documentation generator based on Middleman, on Heroku, and how to configure it to generate the static HTML files with each commit on a repository.